Ein Lanu Z'man

Ein Lanu Z’man is the official band of Agudas Achim Congregation, located in Alexandria, VA. The band, directed by Hazzan Elisheva Dienstfrey, came together in 2008, when then-Cantorial Intern Melissa Berman gathered a group of musicians for a concert to celebrate her time at Agudas Achim.

Our Hebrew name, which means “We have no time” in English, describes our lives. ELZ includes talented and busy members of the Agudas Achim family who work in a variety of professions and who, collectively, have many family and volunteer obligations, but who manage to find the time to create innovative, interesting, and inspiring music together.

All of our music comes from the Jewish tradition, with a diverse repertoire that features folk, classical, and rock influences, among others. Our music is a reflection of the sheer joy we experience every time we gather to make music together.